We are so fortunate to be able to borrow the work of some of Portland’s incredibly talented artists to beautify our space. Thank you to all who have shown and we look forward to the ones still to display.

If you are interested in getting on the calendar to display and (hopefully) sell your art at Madrona, send us a link to your work –

Currently on Display:

Beth Payne
February 2017 – Current

bolted opening.jpg   Smith Railway


Past Artists:
(From the beginning)

Alyssa Kubitz
November 2014 – February 2015


T&B Photography
February – May 2015


Lucia Johnson
May – July 2015

Birch Grove in Blue, 8"x10" Mounted Print   Buzzing The Lake of Geometrees, 10"x10" Mounted Print

Davey Cadaver
July – November 2015


Melinda Santora
November 2015 – January 2016
Purchase Prints –

Wildflower   Perennial Bloom   Cats Under the Stars

Brian Bloss
January 2016 – March 2016

bloss_1  bloss_2

Cimarron Brodie
March 2016 – May 2016


Thoto Collaboration
May 2016 – Aug 2016

Chris Collins
Kellie Collins
Chelsea Rutherford

Rachel Glover
Aug 2016 – Oct 2016

Rachel Glover_2  Rachel Glover_1

Eric Depangher
Oct 2016 – Dec 2016

Hobbs Waters
Dec 2016 – Feb 2017

hobbs_1  hobbs_2


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