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Learn, Share, Reach

Our doors are open. To you. Whomever you are. During the day and at night. We believe that being a part of the community is not just being a place for running into each other getting a cup of coffee. But a place to collaborate. To share interests. To learn about the things that are important to the other people in our community. We believe that in being a part of the community, it is also our responsibility to give back to the community. To participate outwardly. Which is why we also hold events for any staff, customers or members of the community to join us in community outreach. We would love to host your [private] [DD] [community] [lecture] [meetup] [art] [business] event

Evenings under the Madrone

As a part of our Evenings Under the Madrone series, we host a variety of events throughout the month in collaboration with artists, organizations and other small businesses that we think are doing great things for the people in our neighborhoods and in the community we call Portland.